This year, the Polish community living in Singapore supported the 28th Annual Grand Finale of The Great Orchestra of Christmas Charity (GOCC, Polish- Wielka Orkiestra Świątecznej Pomocy, WOŚP).

The foundation is the biggest, non-governmental charity organization in Poland raising money for pediatric and elderly care. The GOCC event and its noble purpose have been connecting Poles for the last 27 years.

Polish Association joined the Great Orchestra of Christmas Charity for the first time! Our organization was among a group of 1,693 committees; the number includes 98 teams based outside Poland. How it was in Singapore? It was amazing and very hot.

On the 11th January 2020 with a sunny weather, the Grand Finale took place in @Kultyard, a new Chinatown hangout located in a former police barrack. The picnic was bound to be a success.

There was entertainment for kids and the entire family – lucky draw, auctions, workshops, selling stands. Everyone could have tried Polish delicacies such as pierogi, racuchy and homemade cakes.

There was something for fans of music. During the event performed young Singaporean pianist- Jaden Tan, Polish DJ Aleksander “All-Oh” Wierbiłowicz, local music bands: Error 440, gypsy flamenco concept band The Lost Hat and a psychedelic world electronic music band Mantravine.

Our guests had a chance to bid many interesting items like a t-shirt with Robert Lewandowski’s signature, motorbike ride in Malaysia, a cruise on a private motor yacht, different fitness training sessions and many more. We talked and had so much fun that we couldn’t bring ourselves to go home.

The audience was very generous when it came to support the fundraiser. Volunteers collected in total S$ 14,799.55, which equals to the sum of 41 448,72 PLN. It’s a great start for the initiative in Singapore, which hopefully will support the charity for many years to come. 

This fantastic event couldn’t have happened without the support of many people. We would like to say a big thank you to the sponsors, donors, volunteers, artists, and photographers.

Thank you to our STRATEGIC SPONSORS: Electrolux SEA Pte Ltd and LEI food & drinks. Thanks to your support the Great Orchestra of Christmas Charity in Singapore was able to rent a room for a venue, buy biodegradable dishes for serving Polish delicacies, cover logistic costs, including transport for artists, and bought stationery needed for workshops for the children.

Thank you to all our DONORS for your support in holding the auction and lucky draw:

Anonymous Donors
Agnieszka & Grzegorz Walczak
Anna Lisicka
Beata Justkowiak
Dorota Rożko
Jakub Winiarski
Jarosław Jankowski
Joanna Ludkiewicz
Joyan Chan
Khoo Swee Chiow
Konrad Łukowski
Małgorzata Grabarczyk
Margaret Patricia Blanch
Marta Gołaszewska – Gilbert
Marta Zawadzka
Melanie Tan
Michał Nagłowski
Mirosława Kowalczuk
Monika Starr
Patrycja Ryba
Szymon Brodziak
Tomasz Mielczarek
Baby Boutique
Decoriia, Style & Deco
Fork&Pillow SG
Kult Yard
Madame Velo
Mom in Balance
Polviet Travel
Tristan Park

Thank you to YFK Public Accounting Corporation for joining our initiative and your help with local audit.

Thank you to all our FRIENDS for your help in organizing all activities for kids and the lucky draw:

Ania Świerczewska
Fazslinda Mohd
Magdalena Dec
Maksymilian Smółka
Marta Sibilska
Ula Szymańska

For delicious Polish food provided during the event:

Agnieszka Walczak
Aviva Mulava
Małgosia and Piotr Bok
Marta Gołaszewska – Gilbert
Sylwia Mirucka
Violetta Kulic


Agnieszka Ragazzini for beautiful pictures and video
Aleksander Góra for WOŚP heart-shaped key chains
Dagmara Sonntag for volunteers’ T- shirt design
DJ Olek – Aleksander Wierbiłowicz, Jaden Tan, Error440, The Lost Hat and Mantravine for amazing music
Kasia Nowacka-Jakubowska for fantastic graphics
Tom Kelly and his team for hosting us at Kult Yard
Lena Jacuta and Kacper Teodorczyk for keeping the duty at the venue entrance and welcoming all our guests.

Great THANK YOU to the entire team of volunteers from the GOCC Sztab 5457 in Singapore. Thank you for your engagement and hard work. Thank you for your time, creativity, a huge dose of optimism and energy. Without you it would not be possible. You were all awesome!

Ania Teodorczyk – the leader of the GOCC Sztab 5457 in Singapore
Ania Ogryczak
Ania Ponikowska
Ania Bryant
Anita Pieńkowska
Asia Szwaja – Jacuta
Edyta Jabłonka
Gosia Rzymska – Rakowska
Ilona Smółka
Joanna Pawlus
Joanna Surmacz
Kasia Kupiec
Magda Ackerman
Magda Janas
Magda Reynaerts
Jakub Jacuta
Mikołaj Huras
Rafał Jabłonka
Tomasz Ponikowski
Zosia Paszkiewicz


See you next year! Siema!