About the Association

The Polish Association in Singapore is a non-political, non-religious and non-profit association connecting the Polish community and people passionate about Poland.

It is a platform for meetings, talks and exchange of experiences. We want to connect people and help them to open to each other, learn and have fun!


We offer a large variety of events and provide a networking platform.

We coordinate and promote social cohesion within the Polish community in Singapore.

We host regular monthly meetings and we also celebrate together special occasions such as holidays, family picnics, charity drives and we cheer for our team during championships!


We raise awareness of the Polish culture and community in Singapore by organising cultural fairs and events and promoting collaboration between Poland and other nationalities.

We believe that by talking to each other we can learn a lot and become even more aware of the environment we live in. 


We support and promote business initiatives and business opportunities between Poland and Singapore. We support emerging ideas. We are here to help and promote economic cooperation between Poland and Singapore.


We promote the development of the Polish community in Singapore. You can count on us! Are you new here? Do you want to know where eat the best laksa in the city? Are you looking for a job? Contact us!  We have also been new here once!


To bring together the Polish community and link it to other nationalities living in Singapore. Our main goal is to foster social and cultural integration among Polish and non – Polish living in Singapore. 


Joanna Szwaja-Jacuta

Joanna Szwaja-Jacuta

President and Founder of Polish Association

Enthusiastic people person who enjoys sharing knowledge about Poland and Poles, learning from all cultures and bringing People together.

Nicolas Huras

Nicolas Huras

Event Coordinator

Strongly believes in community building supporting Polish business professionals abroad and improving integration with local business community.

Agnieszka Ragazzini

Agnieszka Ragazzini

Secretary and co - founder of Polish Association

Passionate about bringing people together, art and creativity, event management and organization.

Gina Pulawska

Gina Pulawska

Coordinator of Career Women

Believes in empowering people to explore and try new things. Likes to engage in meaningful conversarions.